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Wyen Solo - Hennessey and Rose petals - Written By YesPeters

Wyen Solo - an RnB artist, debuts her new album ‘Hennessy and Rose Petals’. For the album, she’s spent time traveling back and forth between USA and the UK, developing her own music style while working with many top producers including ‘Mello Beatz, XVRBlack and Shawty Chris Beatz. In a recent interview, she expresses how her main influences come from 90s RnB which is evident in her new debut album.

Wyen presents a soulful voice on her album. She shows beautiful melodies, and the way she harmonizes on each record especially on her track ‘Patiently waiting’ reminds us of the smoothness of Aaliyah. The record has the type of grown sexy RnB vibe, in which the game hasn’t seen in a long time. Every female wants a record where they can express themselves like Wyen has shown on her album.

Regarding the theme of the album, Wyen talks about women empowerment, relationships, as well as her freaky side. All three of these elements fit perfectly in a number of tracks she produces. The first track opens with ‘Facetime’. This track highlights that grown intimate relationship between two people on facetime. The mellow melodies and acoustic guitar set the mood and tone for the night. You could sort of imagine being in a nice bubble bath, while being on facetime to your lover, exchanging sexual vows. This record can take you back to that slow grown RnB vibes, instantly I’m reminded of the RnB group ‘Black Rose’.

‘Dear dairy’

On this track I like how Wyen expresses herself to her dairy in an almost complex relationship between her, her dairy and her lover, putting value back into using dairies. The instruments and her vocals are beautifully orchestrated together; the violin in the background adds the icing on the cake. Her vocal energy reaches the climax in sync with the smooth beat. For all you dairy writers, this record is for you.

Patiently waiting’

This is my favorite track on her album. The production of the record is truly stunning, which allows her to harmonize in perfect climax. Wyen Solo flows effortlessly on this record; this record sets the tone of patiently waiting for your lover to come home from work, while you’re wearing a silk velvet lingerie set, ready for wherever the night takes you.

Hurry home baby’ this lyric reminds me about the sexual frustration of waiting for your lover to come home, the way it intertwines with the soft jazz melody is smooth and sexy.

‘Fall Back’

This track speaks on having enough of men’s nonsense and knowing ones true worth in a relationship. There’s a sense of empowerment in this track which will support people who are going through a similar situation.


This track brings with a different flow, as she’s turned into Cardi B and gone completely ham on the track. This track shows she’s a versatile artist with a sweet soft voice, Gettin’it shows that she can get down with any trap beat if she wanted to. You’ll think she’s only an RnB artist. Gettin’it proves otherwise. Her whole tone gives us motivational feelings, “you better get your money up”, “Every time I check my watch, just know it women time”. This verse shows us her progression from the start of the album to the end, from having sexual desire on facetime to your lover, patiently waiting for him to come home, to understanding and knowing your worth in a relationship, knowing when enough is enough, that sometimes it’s good to focus on yourself. This track is for the people who have been subjects of crap relationships in the past, to go work towards your goals in life.

Wyen’s album can be found here:

Written by Peter. (Yespeters)