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VALNTNAValentina Music - Written By Sherry Kayy

We’ve been feeling VALNTNA here at SGcapture for a while now and it is finally time to share her with you all!

VALNTNA is a singer/songwriter from London who brings music to life with meaning through her distinctive voice. Her music which is mainly based on R&B/Soul is influenced by the likes of Brandy, Jhene Aiko, Aaliyah and TLC which results to VALNTNA producing sounds that are reminiscent of the ‘90s era.

Her current debut ‘Foolish Ways’ communicates how we should never let the past hinder the present and that we are all capable of bettering ourselves. The song focuses on the theme of reflection – feeling entrapped in ones-self as well as the trials and tribulations that is faced during self-discovery.

VALNTNA reminisces of a time she considers a low point in her life but has now switched up since her mentalities changed; she “ain’t playing no games” since learning and understanding who she is. She describes how bad the past was and how she took a positive turn to go for what she deserves. At a point she asks God for forgiveness stating:

God forgive my foolish ways

Help remove this pain

Cos I’ve been down a million ways

Finally found my way…

How many have felt like this or even done this? Asking God to forgive for the wild, bad, crazy things we have done after coming out the better end of a long winded journey of self-discovery?

It appears as though VALNTNA uses faith as a drive to better herself and also pays tribute to her mother who encouraged her to “have a little bit of faith”. Even if not religious, this is a relatable phrase when being encouraged or doing the encouraging

The way VALNTNA sings such a topic as this is both different and artistic. We’ve had a listen and co-sign so have a listen and tell us what you think !

Written By Sherry Kayy