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Teri Eloise - Blossom - Written By Sherry Kayy & YesPeters

Teri Eloise is an R&B/Soul singer-songwriter who released her new single titled ‘Blossom’ in July 2018. ‘Blossom’ is influenced by both trap influences and features of Caribbean music. The song is specifically for all the fearless females out there who acknowledge their own strength and abilities as well as those who chase their dreams with or without the support of others. Teri is all for women empowerment and states,

"I wanted to write a song that shows my frustration, whilst highlighting the strength and power of a female."

Teri Eloise hopes that ‘Blossom’ becomes a song that her listeners and supporters can vibe to as the essence of the song centres on encouraging self-confidence and self-love especially in a world where women are still fighting injustices such as misogyny and educational rights.

What makes her new single distinctive is her vocal style – high pitched notes paired with good melodies. For those who are into music from an analytical perspective, it reminds a listener on the use of glitches in beats combined with a mixture of trap beats which not many female musicians can show versatility like Teri has demonstrated. Most musicians on trap beats have a similar style of rapping, however Teri has cleverly done the opposite. She debuts her melodies onto a trap beat which makes her vocal style more interesting.

‘Blossom’ displays influences from Lykke Li – a Swedish singer-songwriter whose music combines elements of indie pop, dream pop and electronic sounds. Teri’s use of her high pitch melodies with contemporary trap beat creates a great single with a catchy chorus. Arguably, the heavy beat slightly distracts the audience from truly appreciating her vocal tone. Nevertheless, Teri Eloise emits confidence and empowerment within her single, especially in her lyrics which is important. Here at SGcapture we can defo envision a remix which may birth new life to the single. Regardless, Teri should be proud of her new single ‘Blossom’.

Blossom is available now to stream and download on all major music platforms. Click here:

Writers: YesPeters & Sherry Kayy

Editor: Sherry Kayy