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Shristi JadeNew Single – Miss Me - Written By Sherry Kayy

We’re back with another fresh single from Shristi Jade! If you have been keeping up with our blogs then you’ll remember Shristi Jade’s introduction back in February. We told you to look out for her as she would definitely be taking over and to no surprise she has given us a hot new single! Her new summer single ‘Miss Me’ was released on August 1st which was produced by NosaAppollo – an upcoming producer who recently produced Craig David’s new album, ‘The Time Is Now’.

‘Miss Me’ is a vibrant summer track that expresses Shristi’s talent. The lyrics reflect the rawness and realness of her emotions which some can actually relate to, especially us ladies. Shristi doesn’t hold back with expressing exactly how she feels; inviting her listeners to hear her deepest feelings on relationship and love. As her song writing is full of pureness it is very easy to connect, relate and identify with some of these lyrics.

Asides this, the song also attracts people due to its production aesthetics. Although Shristi is an R & B singer who is influenced by the 90s and contemporary music, ‘Miss Me’ is layered in a cleverly complex way. The rhythm of the song is arguably influenced by pop with the hint of the 90s influence which are combined with a contemporary firm beat, creating a real fresh summer vibe for listeners. The melodies are constructed in a way that emits seamlessly with the rhythm, permitting Shristi’s vocals to align with the mix as opposed to her over dominating the song. Her vocal delivery and flow has not failed to impress and appears to keep improving each time.

As mentioned before, Shristi Jade is one to look out for. Her choice of song writing to become expressive in a raw and personal manner with her audience is definitely working in her favour.

To hear her new hot summer single click here:

Written By: Sherry Kayy