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Meet POWERFUL Song Writer Natalie Lindi

Natalie Lindi is a soulful singer-songwriter from northwest London. Natalie grew up surrounded by a variety of musical sounds. Her parents played South African jazz and soul music at a time when Beyoncé's "Crazy in Love" was number 1 on the charts. She consumed the jazz and soul sounds throughout her childhood, as well as keeping the sound of pop with her.

Natalie’s voice has given her the opportunity to play many gigs in London. She has graced the stage twice at the Roundhouse 2016 Camden Beach, at Bernie Grant Arts centre, L'escargot in Soho - a popular soul stripped sessions event, and many other venues and small festivals.

Whether it's an emotional song, or an upbeat track, Natalie delivers quality and honesty. Her sound has been described as 'Acoustic Soul' and her song-writing as "honest, raw, and heartfelt". Although her vocals are soulful, Natalie avoids fitting into just one specific genre. She states how she doesn’t consider or call herself “a soul artist or a jazz artist”. Natalie refuses to put herself in a box as “it limits what [she] can create”. For Natalie it is important for her “to create authentically and freely, no matter what sort of music [I] make.”

Having recently released her first ever emotional debut single titled Peace; it illustrates a heartfelt tale about needing release from a struggle. Natalie wrote Peace 2 years ago on a night whilst sitting in her bed. At the time she was going through hard times internally and externally. Natalie placed her frustration and emotions to escape her reality and produced an honest song which she shared with the world.

Natalie’s voice in her single Peace carries a soulful airy note which imitates a tranquil vibe. What amazes us at SGCapture is that Natalie truthfully speaks about her personal struggles and delivers it with such a sensitive and positive tone. It has been made very clear that she doesn’t need saving – All she wants is freedom and peace from the bad energy in and around her. Now, I don’t know about you but I definitely get that!

As her first ever debut, it is pretty impressive to hear such content and professionalism from Natalie Lindi. She literally sounds as if she’s been doing this for ages! We at SGCapture are a fan of Natalie Lindi and are here to discover what she has next for 2018.

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