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Ling Hussle... Hussle X Dreams

Ling Hussle is one of the hottest R&B artists at the forefront of the UK music scene right now. The talented South London singer-songwriter recently released a new project, Hussle X Dreams – a 17 track composition inspired by the late Nipsey Hussle.

Ling Hussle’s music uniquely imitates smooth classic R&B, and really captures the essence of the hustle. So, you will definitely feel Ling Hussle if you have ever had to graft or hustle for something meaningful. Her music comprises heart-felt sounds as she voices honest lyrics with a cool soothing tone. When listening, you can hear some influences of Nipsey Hussle as well as Ling’s demeanour from start to finish as she gets her story across. Ling Hussle’s choice of musical production is not what you would typically hear within the UK scene and she has definitely shows that nothing will hold her back through her art of creating music. Her music touches on themes relating to success and losses, pain, loyalty, karma and love.

In Hussle X Dreams, Ling Hussle’s partner expresses how he finds it difficult to pin point exactly which track is a favourite and has proven to stand correct as fans have praised Ling Hussle’s art – specifically identifying each track evoking its own unique energy. March 31ST and Hussle 2 Hussle are two particular heartfelt tracks that induce realness and raw emotion, reflecting Ling Hussle’s passion and pain. The tracks exemplify how Ling Hussle connected with Nipsey Hussle, how much she learnt from the late artist and gives her gratitude.

The marathon continues

- Nipsey Hussle

As Ling Hussle speaks on teachings, she voices how the marathon continues regardless of what you’re into, regardless of what you’ve been through. You’ve got something to contribute. This is something we should all be working to do – effectively functioning to contribute to our culture, lives etc.

…thoughts is powerful, in all facets…

- Nipsey Hussle

We hope Hussle X Dreams gives Ling Hussle the recognition she deserves and look forward to what she has in store for the future. Hussle X Dreams is available now on all social platforms.


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Writer: Sherry Kayy