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Keys The Prince The Soul, The Sauce, The Prince

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Keys The Prince is a musician from West London who is on his way to cementing his position as one of the most refreshing talents rising in UK rap.

Despite a limited discography, be not fooled. Keys The Prince has proven his talent with his latest project, self-produced and highly commended Peter Petrelli. He has demonstrated he is a serious one to watch by revealing his flair of remarkable wordplay as well as his creative ability to deliver smooth productions.

His sound predominately derives from Rap unified with Soul and incorporates a flow of R&B influences, creating a stamping composition. His music centres on motivational content, making money and counting your blessings. Keys The Prince has been considered to bringing a refreshing perspective to the rap scene, especially at a time where critiques have regarded the current scene as sounding repetitive.

On the path to musical success, Keys The Prince has gained fans from showcasing his stage presence. He has graced the stage performing live shows for: Buzz Feed UK, GUAP Magazine and in Elephant West in White City where he performed with a live band. He is also featured on BBC Radio 1xtra playlist.

Keys The Prince is a rising star so make sure to keep an eye out! We at SGcapture are excited to see what he has in store for the upcoming future.

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Written By: Sherry Kayy