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ooooo It's J Lavaly

J Lavaly is a singer/songwriter born and raised in South East London. His journey started from singing in church before going onto the big stages and performing as a backing vocalist for Gospel artists such as Papa Richie and Juanita Bynum Rodger Samuels. J Lavaly has also been able to grace the stage in front of over fifty thousand people at the annual Akwa Ibom state Christmas Carols Festival in Nigeria, which featured artists such as: Steve Crown, Don Moen and Esther Edoho.

Now on the path to musical greatness, J Lavaly has released some heart-felt tracks and has proven that his tone and range are not to play with. He has utilised social media platforms such as Twitter to demonstrate his skill which has gotten the attention of some prominent UK artists. What sets J Lavaly aside is the fact that he makes up a small percentage of UK male artists who release RnB sounds influenced by the 90s era, creating a nostalgic feeling. J Lavaly really puts his emotions into his music to the point listeners can feel and get an understanding of certain aspects of his life and situations he has been through which to some is relatable.

His current track ‘Picture Perfect’ produced by JB104 is a reminder of why we love RnB in the first place! 90s RnB music is treasure and cannot be forgotten. Old school R&B is still a favourite for many. Picture Perfect emits nostalgia at a perpetual high level, making for a natural time to visit memory lane. In today’s era, especially in the UK scene, RnB is making a comeback with new taste. So, for the RnB fans out there, you’re in luck as J Lavaly is here to bring back the essence, and sounds of the genre with the modern twist.

It is definitely a YES from us here at SGcapture. Make sure you listen to J Lavaly and let us know what you think!

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Written By: Sherry Kayy