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Jaz Karis - The Spiritual Songbird - Written By Sherry Kayy

We have a sweet one for you! That’s right, back again with a talented spiritual songbird – Jaz Karis. Jaz Karis is a singer/songwriter, Brit School alumna from South London who has used her voice to create divine music, converting between the soundscapes of Jazz, Hip Hop and Soul.

Jaz Karis grew up listening to 80s funk, Jazz and Gospel with influences ranging from Alicia Keys, Erykah Badu & Miguel. In an interview Jaz states:

“It’s not about being inspired by their fame or recognition – I respect these artists who make music on their own terms & have their own authentic sound – I don’t want to just follow a trend and do what’s popular right now just for the sake of it.”

If you listen toJaz then you’ll know that this rings true. It is clear that her distinctive use of R&B, Jazz and ‘future soul’ is a style she has worked on for a while and has mastered it. One of her debut EP’s titled ‘Into The Wilderness’ released on independent label, Salute The Sun Recordsin 2017, includes features with Tinyman, Blue Lab Beats, Afronaut Zu and Sillkey. The EP unifies elements of Soul, Jazz and R&B with hints of sounds from rap and pop. This is exactly what places Jaz in a league of her own as she takes her listeners on a self-discovering journey of what it is to be young and in love.

If you haven’t listed then you’re really missing out! Her EP introduces the very first track ‘Freedom’ which arguably reflects on Karis’s liberty as well as her ability to think outside the norm without caring about rejection through her music. Her third track, ‘Sugar Don’t Be Sweet’ is a popular track, inspired by the allegorical novel The Alchemist,written by Paulo Coelho. The novel depicts the journey of Santiago,a boy who yearns to travel for worldly treasures. His journey incorporates teachingsabout: the essential wisdom of listening to your heart, recognizing opportunities and learning to read the omens strewn along life's path, and, most importantly, to follow your dreams. Jazz cleverly tells the tale on the strength of love between the two characters, Fatima and Santiago.

Her recent projects ‘Pretty Dreamer’ and ‘Petty Lover’ released this year, reflects the comforting relief of soul music, showcasing a fresh element from the singer. ‘Petty Lover’ shows Jaz’s soulful vocals accompanied by a sparse arrangement which keeps the track simple and original. Her projects give listeners the R&B feel, which has been getting a lot more exposure recently in the UK. We don’t want to give any spoilers on her new project so why don’t you check Jaz Karis out and tell us what you think!

Her music can be found through the links below.



Written By: Sherry Kayy